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The GYOM™ mission emanated from passion of its founders and supporters to demonstrate the intrinsic value and importance of forging public-private partnerships to solve social, economic and environmental problems faced by all communities across the country. 

GYOM™ focus is to develop optimum techniques for developing sustainable food production facilities, but this effort cannot be successful without extensive support from governmental entities and private for-profit ventures who whose products and services  foster first respect for preserving social values, our environemnt and economic vibrancy.

The goal of technology transfer is achieved by job creation and retention, economic development and workplace training, continuing educational programs and community outreach.
The first project of GYOM™ was to design, build and operate a community based, “proof of concept” food production facility in Longmont, Colorado. The central focus of the growing environment is aquaponics, the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment.  The food production facility design will incorporate renewable energy sources, as well as energy and water usage efficiencies to lower the high operating costs associated with growing food indoors. <more>
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The GYOM mission is to develop, promote and teach sustainable, healthy food production solutions utilizing renewable energy,  energy efficiencies, less water for food production and state-of-art plant science, technology and engineering.